I am a storyteller and always have been. Before I’d learned cursive, I was orchestrating elaborate playground productions. After I’d learned cursive (and a few other things too), I studied journalism and film at Northwestern University.

My first real job was at Forbes magazine, making videos about startups and technology. I was (and still am) fascinated by the driven and passionate entrepreneurs building products to enrich our lives and better our world. Ultimately, I realized I was more interested in crafting beautiful stories than in getting the scoop. I wanted to make videos for startups rather than about them.

And so I started Ampersand– a video production company that makes videos for startups and nonprofits. We believe passion is contagious- it’s our mission to capture the spark that drives our clients, that thing that excites them most about what they’re doing. And to translate that into video.


In addition to producing video for Ampersand, I recently finished a feature documentary called “IGNITION: Souls of San Francisco.” Check out the trailer.


I’m tantalized by sculpting story arcs and by capturing breathtaking imagery. I aim to create videos that excite and inspire and tickle the imagination. Videos that move people and that give wings to projects and ideas aiming to better our world. My mission is to live and work mindfully and artfully and to continually grow as a creator (and as a human).


Want to get in touch? Email me at I’m based in San Francisco, CA.

IGNITION: Souls of San Francisco

One of my most exciting projects to date is a feature-length documentary about a San Francisco storyteller who has sparked a movement. The film premiered at the Roxie Theater on March 15, 2017. See for more info.

Check out the trailer:

ABOUT THE FILM: On the surface, Dijon Bowden is a talented street photographer who has told thousands of people’s stories. But anyone who has stood in front of his lens or who has gazed deeply into one of his photographs can tell you that there’s something bigger going on. IGNITION: Souls Of San Francisco is the story of a movement that’s caught fire in San Francisco and has started spreading across the nation. It’s the story of all sorts of souls, seen through a lens of love and compassion, awakening to their own presence and purpose and to the other souls around them.

The magic in Dijon’s photography comes from the positive energetic force that he cultivates and radiates. This light is there, reflected back, in the eyes of each individual he photographs. His project, SOULS of Society, has connected hundreds of thousands of people in a growing community of empathy, openness, and awakening. The film follows Dijon and some of the people his project has touched, delving beyond his photographs to the heart of what he’s been called to do.